Why use Contain?

Five reasons

Contain allows your brand to
connect with your audience

contain venn diagram

Your brand advocates will be able to connect
with your brand as well as each other


Brand advocates, lurkers and casual
users will be able to easily contribute

"Low level of effort" users

These users are casual contributors, "on the go" and lurkers. The barrier for participation will have to be as low as possible. Allowing them to post content through their mobile device will increase participation, but they can also use the web to passively browse for content.

  • Quick to post
  • 90% of uploads are through mobile
  • Utilized in the field
  • Easy to share
iphones and android
contain burton page

"High level of effort" users

These users are active contributors, brand evangelists, and bloggers. They will browse, comment, write long and short form content, upload and log in frequently, and will become recognizable cornerstones of the community through their active participation.

  • Suitable for blogging
  • Easy to upload
  • Easy to email
  • Easy to share

All of your social activity will be contained in
one centralized location, which provides many benefits


Contain has a robust and advanced technical infrastructure
including an advanced high-speed transcoding system

And... it's easy to set up, customize, deploy and manage

start containing!

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