Why Burton chose
the Contain platform

Burton is possibly one of the world’s coolest brands and with a huge following their users required more than just a forum or a Facebook post. Their followers wanted to share their lifestyle regularly with like-minded enthusiasts.

Burton needed a focused web community where their dealers, riders, fans could share media & blog about life on the slopes. The community also had to integrate seamlessly with Burton.com.

Visit the Burton Community

It's awesome to see everyone post their journeys to the mountain and all the tricks. I feel I am right there with you guys!
- Burton Community User

The Community

The Burton Community starts with their homepage - a digital magazine for everything Burton. It includes themed sections such as “Throw back Thursday”.

Unique content on the web

The community has been injected with a plethora of snowboarding content completely unique to the web

Moderating Content

Now that users are no longer anonymous and build up a portfolio of content, moderation is a light to non-event.

Customized design and functions

Custom widget

Local dealers can easily connect with local riders and users can easily find a Burton dealer in their area with the customized dealer widget seamlessly integrated into the right sidebar.

A colorful social solution for Burton

Community Home Page

You can “drop in” and surf the latest blog posts from Burton, get the highlights from the US Open or just get a snapshot of the latest activity from your riding friends and the Pro riders. Hey! Shawn White just posted!

The blog

Burton and their international dealers post continuous blog updates from all over the world. The Contain platform serves as an aggregator for all Burton’s bloggers.

Sign-up page

Burton’s branded signup page integrates with the existing look and feel of Burton.com.

The grid

The official Burton page within their community.

Users Page

Users can be ranked by contribution or activity. Each profile is distinguished by name, country, and the number of posts.

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