Advertising Solutions

Flexible and customizable

Standard Web Solution

The 300 X 250 is the most commonly used and our ads are neatly designed into the platforms information architecture for maximum results.

IAB Suite for Web

Various banner sizes based on IAB standards are supported including image, video and rich media (video and flash) banners.

Mobile Solutions

Various banner sizes supporting the resolution and screen size of many different models are available. The banners will either snap to the top or the bottom of the app interface.

Fully Customizable Solutions for Web and Mobile

Besides the standard IAB suite, fully customizable advertising solutions such as site take-overs or custom-sized ads are also possible on the Contain platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We can also design and integrate fully customized sponsorship takeovers to co-incide with a web campaign. Video players, photo galleries as well as side bar and marquee areas are available to integrate with.

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