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Contain on the web simply enables your brand, as well as active contributors, lurkers, casual contributors, brand evangelists and bloggers to view posts and activity within the community in a visual grid. Users can also comment, write long form or short form content, as well as upload images or videos to share with the community lifestyle.

contain grid item

Simple content filtering

All your friends updates will appear in this default view.

All new updates will appear here, get inspired!

Popular updates based on likes and views from other users.

The featured content tab acknowledges user participation.

All the users updates reside aggregated in this tab.

contain main navigation

Profile widget

contain profile widget


People that you follow on Kontain and they follow your updates too.


People that you have chosen to follow within the community.


People that follow you!

contain profile friends

Clicking the plus icon instantly adds the user to your follow list.

Activity widget

The wall of activity within the Contain community is made up of comments, likes, updates/posts and new followings by friends and those you follow.

The widget is located on the right side of the grid, it was designed to be informative but not distract from the visual focus of the platform.

The activity widget allows comes equipped with a drop down filter.

contain activity widget

People You May Know Widget

The Contain platform uses an algorithm to suggest new users to follow. An essential tool to connect new users with each other fast.

contain follow

Posting is simple!

The Contain platform offers the worlds most simple interface and mechanics to quickly post photos and videos, embed content or write a blog entry. Using our “Civatra” (Contain. Image. Video. Audio. Transcoding) engine, user feedback on the upload progress is intelligently delivered to through the user interface.

While the key focus of posting media or text content is front and center, we specifically designed the optional widgets to be easy to use and not a distraction to the upload. The widgets in the right column, offer sharing, privacy, comment and Facebook/Twitter settings.

contain posting entry

1. Upload

Users can select mutiple media files at once. The interface will show the progress of each file being uploaded.

2. Add or Edit

You can add text, embed media from Youtube or Flickr or turn your simple post into a full blown blog entry.

3. Post!

Just one click and your entry is posted to the community and to Facebook and Twitter if selected. The entry is also viewable from the mobile apps, all from one click.

More Posting Features

Advanced uploading

Users can rearrange the order of their photos or videos as they are being uploaded and transcoded by “Civatra”.

A preview mode is also available to enable users that have uploaded a lot of photos to easily distinguish between similar photos from a days shoot.

contain advance uploading

Tag your updates

The Contain platform is SEO optimized and it encourages users to easily tag their content.

contain tag2


With one click, a users entry can post to the community and to their other social network accounts.

contain autoposting2

Privacy settings

Although the majority of posts using the Contain Platform are public some users enjoy the option to post some entries just to their friends or those that are not even registered within the community.

contain privacy1

Comment Settings

A user has absolute control over the commenting within their posts. They can allow comments or approve them. There is also an option to now allow any comments.

contain comment1
contain comments


Under each post lies the commenting section. Users can quote comments, easily post a comment with the option to embed videos or imagery.

Users can also like or dislike comments. 3 dislikes will automatically collapse the comment.

Facebook/Twitter comment options will be coming soon to the Contain platform.

Rate the comment
Quote the user
Embed media to your comment

Easy Sign Up

The Contain platform has been acknowledged as having the best sign up feature on the internet today. It was designed to be quick, easy and beautiful. Although brands easily attract their followers to unique web content we need to register them quickly.

contain register

Takes 2 seconds

All we ask users for is a username, email and a password. The sign up is branded as part of the Contain Platform offering.

contain register done

Be beautiful!

The sign up process was designed to breathe quality and capture the interest of the user, quickly getting them through the boring part.

start following

Let’s be smart

Once signed up we present the user with a custom populated list of users to follow, quickly getting users into the activity.

invite your peeps

Invite friends

Using a simple email form, Facebook or your email contacts in Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, it’s simple to invite friends.

Themes and Customization

Although The Contain Platform is styled and branded for each customer, the platform has the option to enable the communities users to customize their own pages within specific limits.

contain themes
contain space theme

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