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Contain on the go

Branded Contain mobile apps enable your brand, as well as your casual contributors, lurkers and brand evangelists to post their updates on-the-go and see community activity in real time.

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Participating in a lifestyle happens on the go. Android and iPhone apps are available.

Try the mobile apps using the demo “Kontain” social network

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Easy to use

As soon as the app is started, your users will be taken to the home screen of the Contain application where they will be able to quickly post an update, browse new updates, comment, as well as upload any images or videos to share with the entire community.

Homescreen legend:


A blog entry, an image, a video or all of the above? It's all possible.

Since most users are on other social networks with their generic friends, Contain leverages other communities, rather than cannibalizes them by allowing auto-posting to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, giving your brand and their content more exposure.

contain phone autopost
contain send invitation

Easy to invite friends

In order for your community to grow as quickly and organically as possible, Contain mobile makes it simple for users to invite their friends.

sending a invitation

Contain it!

The community wouldn't be complete without an easy way for you and your community members to post new updates.

Users can quickly and simply snap new photos and or videos or browse their native library to upload previously stored content.

Tap "Contain"
contain android take a picture


Why cannibalize popular social networks when we can just as easily leverage it? Auto-posting to Twitter and Facebook can be easily turned on or off for each individual update.

In order for your community to grow as quickly as possible, posting an update is easy. Users can use their mobile device for quick and easy updates, and knowing that it will auto-post to their other communities increases content exposure and uptake.

Auto posting
Not connected not connected
Both services connected; Facebook autopost enabled both connected

Browse on the go

Each user can track the pulse of your community by viewing what other community members have posted. The quick filters allow users to view what posts are currently most popular. There is a space for isolating more editorial pieces inside the "Featured" filter.

Through the "friend" and "followers" tabs, users can keep connected with those they have invited and popular users they have chosen to follow.

It’s time to Contain!

Contain is available as a fully branded iPhone app as well as an Android App, making sure that everyone within your community will have easy access.

iPhone Contain

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