Why Ducati
chose Contain

Perhaps the world’s most prestigious name in motorcycles, the Italian legend, Ducati, required a platform to embrace their loyal following enabling their customers and fans to share the Ducati lifestyle in its truest form, on the road.

Visit the Ducati Community

Ducati is a brand that thrives on the passion of its enthusiasts. As a Marketing professional, it’s a constant reminder of what we can achieve on and off the track. - Ducati Marketing Manager

A social centerpiece

The gorgeous Ducati Community boasts a rich homepage of editorial and featured user content including "call to actions" for specific campaigns. The Ducati community is the centerpiece in the social strategy for the Italian brand.

Videos, Photos
& Comments

Through the Ducati community iPhone and Android apps, fans share their favourite lifestyle through photos, videos and updates.

A destination

Fans are 12 times more likely to contribute and revisit a brand site when surrounded by like minded users. The Ducati community has become a destination visited daily by fans.

Mobile apps and
& website features

A lifestyle on the road

Whether it's days spent at the track or slow drives through a national park, the Ducati iPhone and Android apps enable users to quickly and easily contribute to the community and keep up with the latest from their Ducati friends.

The call to action The marquee area can be unique to a specific campaign
Customized Tags Ducati can label their posts based on user votes and submissions


The Monster Challenge is a great example of how Ducati can impel their users with a drive to contribute specific content. The Contain platform can be customized for specific campaigns.

Let's vote!

To complement Ducati's Monster Challenge campaign, we added a voting system for those specific entires where users could vote on entries which where then ranked and featured.

A rich and dynamic social destination

A very warm Italian

New fans are greeted by a stream of of the latest content from Ducati and their users. Anyone can browse - no sign-in required!

The Ducati Blog

Along with their North American HQ, Ducati dealerships contribute to the community with blogs and connecting with local riders for specific events in their region.

It takes 2 seconds

Our super simple (and often copied!) signup allows users to get involved quickly.

The grid

User pages are full of visual stimuli uploaded via the web or the iPhone and Android apps. The platform is designed to be as visual as possible which results in positive contributions as users share the lifestyle of the brand in it's full glory.

Connecting you

It's easy for users to find popular users or official Ducati dealerships and even thier professional riders.

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